Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am 29 weeks along in my 4th pregnancy & nesting is in full swing. I've been steadily organizing our home for months, but I am feeling the pressure to kick it up a notch lately, with only 11 or so weeks to go until the little one arrives.
Today, although I planned to work on sorting more of my girls' clothes, I found myself moving the sofa to search for Hi-Ho Cherry-O game pieces.
I am always surprised to see just how much stuff can accumulate under the sofas in between sweepings...
Anyway, Beetles thought it looked cool to have the sofa pulled away from the wall, and I thought I'd see how it looked to separate the sectional into 2 pieces.
Now our living room has officially been split in half. Prior to my rearranging, it was about 1/3 play area, and 2/3 "living room space". Now it's equal. My girls love it- they have much more room to play now & I like the coziness of the living room space.

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